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nbn™ Professional 50Mbps/20Mbps

Information About The Service


The National Broadband Network (nbn Co™) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project with both wired, and radio communication components being rolled out and operated by nbn Co™. Rationales for this national telecommunications infrastructure project included replacing the existing copper cable telephony network which is approaching end of life with fibre, and the rapidly growing demand for internet access to support a growing range of services. This service is to provide an unlimited downloads/uploads nbn™ internet connection at a speed of 50Mbps/20Mbps.


Contract Term

We provide nbn™ services with a $0 set up fee if the service is contracted to a 24 month plan. We offer flexibility in our plans, in that we are able to provide a month to month service with no cancellation fees, however this will incur a $174 set up fee. If you nominate a 24 month contract for your service and decide to terminate the contract early, you will be required to pay the early termination fee, determinable at the time of notice. The maximum charge will vary, subject to contract duration, and the remainder of time left in contract at the time of cancellation.  The maximum early termination charge payable is equal to (number of months remaining in contract) x (monthly connection charge).



nbn™ plans are subject to serviceability in accordance with the roll out by nbn Co™. Please request a service qualification prior to ordering an nbn™ service to ensure your location is eligible for the nbn™.


Information On Pricing
nbn™ Professional 50Mbps/20Mbps Plans

The contract term is calculated as: (contract term) x (monthly access charge) + setup. Early termination fees apply.

24 Month nbn™ Professional 50Mbps/20Mbps Service
Set Up Fee $0.00
Monthly Charge $110.00 including GST
Total Amount Repayable $2,640.00 including GST


Month To Month nbn™ Professional 50Mbps/20Mbps Service
Set Up Fee $174.00 including GST
Monthly Charge $110.00 including GST
Total Minimum Amount Repayable $284.00 including GST (One month of connectivity minimum)


Other Information

Monthly Usage

We only offer an unlimited download/upload nbn™ 50Mbps/20Mbps service.



We provide the unlimited nbn™ 50Mbps/20Mbps service at a speed of 50Mbps download, and 20Mbps upload. These speeds are maximum connection speeds as based on carrier network testing. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration & the number of users simultaneously using the network. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. We do however have a low contention rate on our network, which can provide a more consistent speed than popular service providers.



Monthly access charges are billed on the 24th day of each month, a month in advance. Payment options include credit or debit card, direct deposit and cheque. Please view payment options in the ‘Compliance’ document found at the bottom of this page.



If you require a compatible router for your nbn™ 50Mbps/20Mbps service we are able to supply, configure and send out a router, ready to connect and use, for $330.00 including GST. The router provided is a Fritz Box 7490 nbn™ compatible router. You are able to source and use your own network equipment with this service.


Customer Support

To make a billing enquiry, a general enquiry about this service, or to lodge a complaint, please follow the link to the Contact Us form by clicking here, or we are contactable between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday on 02 9211 7782. Alternatively, please email us at


Complaints Handling

If you have a dispute with your service or Alpha Dot Net and wish to make a complaint, please contact our Customer Relations for complaint resolution by sending an email to or completing the Contact Us form. If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint and you have escalated this within Alpha Dot Net, you may seek complaint mediation or further assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (ITO). The TIO are contactable via phone, email, fax & post, and contact information can be viewed on the TIO website by clicking the below link:
Contact The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)