Fibre & Copper Links

Fibre & copper links deliver robust and cost effective connectivity between any two geographically dispersed sites. With superior delivery performance and additional functionalities, these links put you in control when moving critical traffic across your network. In addition to our default point-to-point solution, the links also offer a point to-multi-point configuration. Industry-standard Ethernet services are being widely adopted due to their cost-efficiency and the ability to scale to support voice, data and video convergence needs on a unified network. Ethernet Access uses proven pseudowire and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology in our core network to provide flexible and robust point-to-point and point-to-multi-point (aggregation) services.

Copper or fibre optic access cables (tail ends and head ends) provide physical connectivity from each user site, where the Network Terminating Unit (NTU) is located, to the serving exchanges and the pseudowire/VPLS ‘cloud’ in the core network. End-to-end ‘logical’ service connectivity across these access cables and the cloud is via an Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC). This associates two or more User Network Interfaces (UNIs), which are ports on each Network Terminating Unit (NTU) into which the user connects their own equipment. This makes it an ideal replacement for your legacy network.

Adaptable Options To Suit Your Infrastructure

Every business has its own unique and challenging infrastructure requirements. These links offer the following options and features to ensure the right fit for your needs:

  • Choose your speed: These links have bandwidth speed options from 2Mbps to 10Gbps that can be scaled quickly and easily at your request.
  • Flexible access variants: Our range of access variants includes single access, trunk access and our exclusive multi-service access.
  • Advanced multicasting features: Allows you to stream feature-rich media to your multiple business sites simultaneously.
  • Jumbo Frames: Jumbo Frames can carry up to four times more data within a single packet of information and help to ease congestion within your network.
  • Protocol transparency: Gives you the freedom to choose the protocols you run on your network without the time delays involved when relying on an external supplier.

Enjoy extensive coverage over a premium network

Our latest generation multi-service edge and high capacity MPLS core networks provide a robust and scalable backbone for fibre & copper links.  In addition to our own high-speed access networks – including Ethernet over Fibre and market leading Mid-Band Ethernet, we also partner with leading access network suppliers to ensure the best possible coverage.