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IT Support Sydney
We understand the importance of IT in your business. Systems do break down from time to time and we are here to help.
We offer over the phone advice, and full on site or remote technical support services where required.

☎ : +61 2 9211 7782
Fax +61 2 9211 7297

Alpha Dot Net Pty Ltd
Suite 303, 64 – 76 Kippax Street
Surry Hills

What we support
We support all versions of Microsoft Windows & Apple Macintosh operating systems.


  • Same Day Service
  • Experienced and Friendly support staff
  • Value based servicing

Onsite Technical Support
Qualified Technicians that speak English, are friendly and engaging and are committed to getting you back on track as soon as possible. The benefit of dealing with a Professional local IT Support Company rather than a one-man-band.
When it comes to quality IT Support Company in Sydney, look no further than alpha dot net !

For Business

Help desk
We have a variety of onsite support solutions to assist with the daily running of your business. We understand you and your business and know there is no one size fits all solution to managing your business.
There are times where a quick phone call to an experienced I.T. Consultant is all that is needed to get you working again, or at other times you may need onsite support which requires a member of our team to visit. each technical issue is different we offer a flexible range of Technical and Helpdesk Support options to ensure you have the most effective level of support for your I.T. systems when you need it.

Phone Technical Support
Get in touch when you need us simply call the alpha dot net office on 02 9211 7782 and the first available consultant will get back to you in a timely manner. Phone support is charged in 20 minute increments. If we are on the phone for less than 10 minutes, your call is free.

Remote Technical Support
There are times when you need help but you or your team may not have the time or expertise to implement technical solutions over the phone. With the use of remote software, we can remotely and securely access your PC, laptop or network server to resolve technical issues without attending site. This enables us to be responsive and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Your IT Consultant will advise you when to Download Teamviewer.

*Teamviewer is a third party software product that securely allow us to remotely control your PC or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Helpdesk Support
We offer both onsite and offsite helpdesk support. Here’s how it works:
We will set up an email address (eg at your business and when issues arise all your team need do is send an email with details of the problem or request for support to your unique helpdesk email address.

The email account is monitored by our experienced team of I.T. Consultants who will respond to these requests in a timely manner – usually at a regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) appointment, or straight away if urgent.
Our friendly team of problem solvers assists your team to easily deal with the day-to-day issues that arise with computer networks and I.T. systems so as to maximise productivity and reduce down time, frustration and stress.
Call now on  ☏ 02 9211 7782 for a Helpdesk Support Solution.

Onsite Technical Support
Depending on the size of your business and your needs we offer a regular service appointment or a simple “as you need us”. Whether you need technical support on a regular or ad hoc basis we can come to your business and resolve your issues onsite. Perhaps you are experiencing technical difficulties or you may need your software upgraded. Whatever the issue let our experienced team of I.T. Consultants become part of your team with onsite technical support.

  • The minimum onsite charge a two hour call out fee for Sydney metro business is $140.00 inc GST per / hour

For a quote or to find out more about how we can support you, your team and your business or implement an alpha dot net maintenance program today…
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